About Us – Our Promise

That is why all our decisions, actions and the initiatives of our Urban Handbags team are generated by the values that define our products as well as our customer relationship and the one that we are trying to offer further away and to everyone who wears our products.

Elegance and beauty is what inspires us. That’s why we wish to be by your side daily, be it in the office or in the holidays, in the hot summers and in cold and long winters.


Because we want our products to be with you daily, we know that the following two qualities shouldn’t be missing from our products: quality and comfort.


From the collections that wear our name, to the rest of our products chosen with care, attention & from passion declared for fashion, good taste and accessible elegance. We love what we’re doing, and our enthusiasm & happiness to always present you with new products, that will become the stars of our brand overnight, are the ingredients to our success recipe.

If you want to find out more about our products, sorting ideas and the collaborations we currently partake in go on our blog: UrbanHandbags.co.uk

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